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iPhone Repair Phoenix AZ

iPhone Repair

Bring your broken iPhone by one of our Phoenix valley repair stores for quick, convenient iPhone repair. Our experienced iPhone repair techs will take the time needed to diagnose and fix broken screens, power issues and more.


Customer Reviews

iPhone Repair Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.

Best iphone repair techs period

5 5 1
The service is fast and effective plus the costumer service is great, the price is fare, I recommend this place, I am content with the results

These guys know their stuff!

5 5 1
I went to the all mobile matters in chandler fashion center to get my iphone screen repaired and to ask about my home button sticking. They fixed my screen very quickly and my home button wasnt sticking anymore when they were done

What a great experience!

4 5 1
I dropped my iphone yesterday and they replacrd the screen in less than one hour today!! I did have to drive to a second location because the first store didn\\\'t have the part in stock. I would recommend All Mobile Matters every time!!


5 5 1
Went into All Mobile Matters at the Tucson Mall flustered because my iphone screen was broken. Ray resolved my issues with EXCEPTIONAL customer service! This will definitely be the place I return to for repairs.

Fast professional service

5 5 1
What a relief. My iPhone looks brand new after being fixed by all mobile matters. My screen was basically falling off which looks very unprofessional in my line of work. I made an appointment online, was met with quick, professional service and my phone looks awesome. Highly recommended.

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