5 Good Reasons to Choose a Repair Professional Over DIY

repair professional vs diy iphone android smartphone repair

As long as consumers have the right to repair, we have several options when choosing how and where to fix our iPhone, Android, or other smartphones and mobile devices.

The first, and cheapest, is YouTube. Whether your phone has a cracked display screen, dead or damaged battery, or a dysfunctional charge port, there are a dozen or more tutorials on how to repair it. However, when choosing a DIY path, you run the risk of higher repair costs due to additional damage and voiding whatever warranty you might have purchased along the way.

This is just one reason why it’s always better to choose a highly trained, reputable repair professional like All Mobile Matters over fixing the phone yourself.

Other reasons to choose a repair professional:

1. Prevent Data Loss

Many people who try fixing their phone themselves may not understand how easy it is to wipe their data—including phone numbers, pictures, and apps—from their phone without even realizing it.

Repair professionals at All Mobile Matters take great care to ensure no data is lost during the repair process. We backup your data before any repairs are started so you have the peace of mind that your data is protected from catastrophic loss.

2. Knowledge and Expertise

Phones are complex devices that require a steady, professional hand to repair. DIY videos on YouTube may seem easy enough, but those recording these videos are experts in phone repair and understand the intricacies behind what it takes to repair a phone.

Repair professionals at All Mobile Matters have devoted years to become experts in how to handle different devices. We understand how to fix any issue you may have, but also when a phone is beyond repair. If we believe the replacement value of your phone is lower than it would cost to repair, we will let you know and recommend a new device.

3. Use of Correct Tools

When fixing a phone on your own, you might believe using a knife, a safety pin, and some Elmer’s glue is all need to get your phone back to tip-top shape. However, working with incorrect tools will almost always cause more damage. Buying the right tools could also cost you more than simply buying a new phone.

All Mobile Matters technicians have industry-standard tools at their disposal. They are also trained in their proper use so you can rest assured that your phone comes away from the repair in the same condition it went in.

4. Replacement Parts

In that same vain, knowing and acquiring what parts or repair kits you need and where to get them could cost you not only money, but time. There are a lot of scammers out there ready to sell you a cheap knock-off or fake part. Using the wrong part could cause even more damage and void any warranties you may have.

All Mobile Matters always guarantees to have over 10,000 high-quality OEM grade parts in stock. Not only are you getting the correct part, but you’ll have your phone fixed in a matter of hours.

5. Repair Warranties

Speaking of warranties, when you bring your phone into All Mobile Matters, we provide a limited lifetime warranty on all premium parts. In other words, we will replace or repair any defective part we’ve installed at no cost to you, so long as there has not been any physical or liquid damage since the installation.

You won’t get that doing it yourself.

So next time you break the display screen on your iPhone, drop your Android phone in the pool, or need a battery replaced on your smartphone, rely on the expertise, skills, and tools of a repair professional at All Mobile Matters.

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