5 Key Factors to Consider Before You Repair Your Phone

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No piece of technology lasts forever. The older it gets, the more elements break, wear out, or fail to update. This is especially true of your iPhone, Android, smartphone, tablet, and other electronic devices. And because most people can’t go more than five minutes without their device, when one does inevitably break, you have a difficult choice to make: repair or buy.

Buying a new device is the easiest choice, but is it the right one? To determine the answer, you first must consider your insurance and replacement value.

1. Insurance

The first thing to consider is what type of insurance coverage you have and what it means for repairing your device. Insurance through your carrier may include drop protection and reimbursement for lost or stolen phones, but do they cover mechanical or electrical issues? Do you have any warranties on specific parts, such as tempered glass or the battery?

It’s also important to look at your deductible. If the repairs cost less than your deductible, repairing the phone is probably the better option.

2. Replacement Value – Is Your Phone Worth Repairing?

Your phone’s replacement value is also important. Factors to consider when evaluating the replacement value include:

  • How old is your phone?
  • How many times have you repaired your phone?
  • How extensive is the damage?
  • Is the phone’s replacement value lower than the repair costs?

If your phone is over five years old, has been repaired numerous times, has extensive damage, or is monetarily worth less than what it would cost to repair, it’s probably best to buy a new phone.

Once you’ve decided that your phone is worth repairing, it’s time to find a repair store. There are a lot of scams and unethical stores to weed through, though, so if you’d prefer to help your community by frequenting a local repair store over a major chain, take the following factors into account.

1. Qualifications and Licenses

Make sure the repair store you choose has visible qualifications and licenses. The last thing you want to do is choose a company that has unqualified technicians handling your device. Certifications and licenses to look for are Apple-Certified, Microsoft-Certified, or A+ certified.

2. Types and Quality of Services

A reputable repair store will not only provide a variety of services, including software and hardware repair and data retrieval, but will have enough quality inventory in stock to meet the demands of all of its customers. They may also offer free diagnostics, house calls, and other methods of device retrieval.

They will also refrain from using off-brand or inferior (i.e. cheaper) parts. These types of parts won’t last as long, may not integrate properly with your device, and is a sure sign the company cares more for its bottom line than its customer’s satisfaction.

Finally, check for what type of warranties a store offers on its parts and services. A 90-day warranty is common, but a lifetime warranty is far superior. Also check for a repair waiver that indicates that technicians will not look at personal or confidential information, and that communication, including quotes, warranties, and expectations, is clear and concise.

3. Reputation Matters

The first thing most people do when looking for a new service is read reviews. When doing so, take care to weed out any companies that may be using auto-generated or fake reviews. It’s not always easy to know the difference, but if you do your due diligence, you will begin to filter out real, honest reviews from those that have been manipulated to make the company look good.

All Mobile Matters meets or exceeds all of these expectations. They are an Apple-certified repair store where every technician has been trained to maintain a high ethical standard when handling your phone. They also offer both a low-price guarantee and limited lifetime guarantee.

Unable to get to one of its five locations? Choose an on-demand or mail-in repair instead. The company also maintains an inventory of over 10,000 high-quality OEM parts, has its own unique protection plan, and buys and sells pre-owned devices. And, you can find thousands of reviews from actual customers who took the time to provide their personal testimony.

With over 280,000 repairs since 2009, All Mobile Matters is ready to extend the life of your phone in a matter of minutes.

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  1. I appreciate your advice that it’s usually advisable to get a new phone if it’s more than five years old, has been repaired a lot, has significant damage, or isn’t worth as much as it would cost to fix. I will share this with my sister, who has an extremely old iPhone. I’ll also look at services that can assist us in obtaining a replacement.

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