5 Reasons to Save Your Packaging

unboxing of cell phone

So you finally pickup up that long awaiting tech gadget and you tear into the box and trash the packaging right? We’ve all been there. But you might want to read this first before your next big tech purchase. No one wants to become a warehouse for tech packaging, but there are a few good reasons to neatly pack away you boxes.

Resale Value. Having done a great deal of buying and selling Mobile Phones, Tablets and iPods, I can tell you that you can fetch at least 10% more when you go to list your device in the reseal market. The reason is simple. Potential buyers will feel you took much better care of the device while you owned it and they are more inclined to believe that you are the original owner.

Returns and exchanges. Many retailers will gladly accept a return or exchange if you keep the original box and packaging. Without it, some retailers will charge as much as 30% of the original price as a restocking fee. Or worse, not offer a return at all.

Warranunboxing_appleipad_320x240-150x150ty and Repair. Most portable electronics manufacturers offer at least 12 months of guarantee  However, it may be difficult to facilitate a repair without some information that was originally packaged in the box.

Mail-in Rebates. Lets face it, rebates exist because a large percentage of the people who are enticed to buy because of the discounts either forget to mail it in, or throw away the box before sending in the rebate form.

Reduce eWaste. Millions upon millions of personal electronic devices were purchased just this holiday season. If we all kept the packaging from these devices we would vastly reduce the effect on our landfills.

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