All Mobile Matters Partners with AKKO — Burning Questions Answered

phone being stolen from purse - get AKKO protection

When purchasing an electronic device, you are immediately presented with the option of purchasing an extended warranty or protection plan to go along with it. Most everyone is wary about adding these plans because it’s just one more expensive thing you’ll never use.

Au contraire. We as a people are using our phones and other electronics more than ever to surf the internet, take pictures, socialize, watch films and video, create art, text, and the list goes on. With as much time as we spend on our phones, having that extra layer of protection provides priceless amounts of peace of mind.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay vigilant and seek out the best price for the best plan.

All Mobile Matters has always been a leader in mobile protection services. However, to provide additional protection options for our savvy consumers, we needed to expand our reach beyond the mobile phone arena. Which is why we are proud to announce that we have partnered with AKKO to provide the next level of protection for your phone and other electronic devices.

Doesn’t All Mobile Matters already have a protection plan?

We do indeed. Through our Forever Drop Protection program, we offer lifetime guaranteed tempered glass, stylish, rugged cases and accidental damage protection. This includes low prices on screen repair for the life of the phone as well as protection for batteries, buttons, cameras, and charge ports, to name a few.

So, why partner with AKKO?

Short answer: loss and theft. Choosing AKKO protection gets you the same great protection for all damages to your mobile phones that we currently provide, but now you will also receive full replacement costs should your phone ever be stolen or lost. AKKO also covers additional high-end devices, such as laptops, video game devices, smart watches, televisions, and other electronics that All Mobile Matters previously did not cover.

What’s the difference in price?

Adding AKKO’s protection plans to our services doesn’t take away from our current protection plans, it simply adds more options to choose from depending on your budget and needs.

Where our Forever Drop Protection for your mobile phones is $69 for the life of the phone*, AKKO is a monthly subscription. For just $5 a month†, you can protect any phone from accidental damage, battery failures, and theft. In addition, the “Everything Protected” plan offers the same great coverage as the basic plan but allows you to cover up to 25 additional electronic devices for just $15 a month. Your protection plans also come with an unlimited claims guarantee and same-day repairs.

Why not purchase the same coverage through my carrier?

Because AKKO is not your typical protection insurance. Unlike some of your carrier protection plans, AKKO and All Mobile Matters do not deal with extended warranties and add-ons that a lot of companies use to pad their costs, nor does the claim process ever feel like your drilling teeth. We make everything easy and efficient for everyone so you can get back to using your phone fast and headache free.

Is it hard to submit a claim?

Not at all. When a phone is damaged, lost or stolen, simply head to your closest All Mobile Matters store and submit your claim. We will then take care of the repair or replacement at no additional cost to you.

Where Do I Sign Up For AKKO?

Come to one of our local stores now and ask us about the AKKO protection plan.

*plus additional fees where applicable
†includes a $29-$99 deductible

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