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How Much Does a New Smartphone Really Cost?

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“But I can buy a new one for $199!” is something we hear pretty often here at All Mobile Matters. While we strive to offer low cost repairs on all mobile devices, sometimes the cost of quality replacement parts can inflate the total cost of repair to the point that $199 isn’t much more than the repair cost.

We can’t blame our customers for thinking they can buy a new flagship phone for only $199. This misconception is entirely due to the convoluted pricing model put in place by wireless carriers to coax you into signing a new 2 year contract.

If wireless carriers really discounted new phones down to $199 in order to earn your business, that would indeed be a tremendous deal. But that $199 is just a down payment. The carrier then spreads the rest of the cost of the phone over two years in the form of an extra charge on your wireless bill. And some of them don’t lower your bill after you’ve paid the phone off. So you’re likely paying full retail price ($649+) whether you realize it or not.

By understanding the true cost of replacing your broken smartphone, it allows you to make a more informed decision on whether or not getting your phone repaired makes sense.

Here’s an excellent infographic that really illustrates our point and shows the true cost of a few of the major flagship smartphones:

How Much Does a New Phone Cost?

Source: [ Etech Parts ]

Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth It?

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Cell Phone insurance worth it When you”re in the process of buying a shiny new smartphone and the sales rep asks if you”d like to add insurance, your gut reaction is probably to say yes when the image of your new toy becoming cracked and your wallet becoming significantly lighter comes to mind.

So is cell phone insurance worth the cost?


Reducing eWaste Caused By Cell Phones

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cell-phone-recycleThe EPA estimates that 130 million cell phones are buried in landfills per year, which comes out to more than 2 million cell phones per week. With rapid changes in technology, and increase in percentage of population using mobile phones in their everyday lives, eWaste caused by mobile phones is becoming increasingly problematic.

Here at All Mobile Matters, we are helping mitigate problems caused by eWaste by extending the lives of broken cell phones that would otherwise be on their way to the landfill.

Repairing your cell phone instead of immediately moving on to the latest and greatest new smartphone reduces the amount of eWaste at any one time, allowing for more time for the cell phones in landfills and recycling centers today to be repurposed.

Don”t feel guilty if you just can”t resist the new iPhone. Selling / gifting your current iPhone / mobile phone to someone who needs it helps to lessen the damage caused by eWaste as well.

Repairing old cell phones is great for the environment, and your wallet, but there will come a day when you just won”t be able to resuscitate your faithful companion. That”s where recycling, the other solution to eWaste caused by cell phones, comes into play.

Aside from directly reducing the amount of cell phone eWaste, recycling actively helps avoid air and water pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions caused by the manufacturing of new cell phone parts are also partially reduced due to the ability to salvage components from older devices.

With the increasing percentage of the population using mobile phones, and innovations in cell phone technology/manufacturing, repair and recycling will become increasingly important steps in the life cycle of consumer electronics. Don”t wait, start now.

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Girlfriend Returns home, Phone-less! How to Protect your Device and its Data

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I can't take this anymore!A few months back I received a frantic call from my girlfriend saying she thought she may have lost her phone. Sure enough, she returned home an hour later, phone-less and with tears streaming down her face. Have you ever lost or thought you lost your smartphone? There is no way to describe the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, right? In recent times we have grown to appreciate the All-In-One value of our smartphones, but what we tend to forget that is if we are to lose one, the effects can be that much greater. Fortunately, there are a few precautions we can take to ensure that if this happens, it will have less of an impact on our lives. The first is to make sure you use some sort of backup program. Depending on your type of device, you can either backup via USB cable directly to your PC, or possibly even wirelessly. This method is free, and is pretty fool-proof as long as your also backing up your PC regularly. If you have an Apple product of any kind you can easily back up the most important data by connecting it to iTunes and right clicking on the name of the device and selecting “backup”. Its important to note that this method only makes a backup of Contacts, Pictures and certain settings. If you would like to backup Music, Apps Etc then make sure to compete a sync. Alternatively, most new smartphones have an automatic backup feature. On Android, your most valuable data is automatically backed up nightly, however you will need to initially set this up in your device settings. On any Apple product, simply set up iCloud in the initial setup and automatic backups will start nightly. Apple gives you your first 5 MB for free. As a final alternative most carriers offer a backup assistant service as well and these types of carrier features do usually carry a monthly charge.

Now, lets say you’ve already experienced a phone loss. There are a few things you can do to attempt to recover your device. Each type of OS offers some sort of lost phone tracking service. The most widely used is Apple”s find my iPhone. This service enables the user to track the whereabouts of the device and even completely wipe the contents of the device remotely. For Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices you make need to download a third party application to have this functionality. And if your main concern is privacy, add a passlock to you device the minute you set it up. Once enabled, the only way to pass it is to completely wipe the device which erases all your personal data and settings.

Perhaps the most irritating thing about losing your phone is knowing that the person who found it may not have taken the chance to return it but instead either used it or sold it. In the past, it would have been very easy to reuse a lost or stolen phone. However, today the carriers are forming alliances to permanently prevent a lost or stolen phone from being used again. They are forming lists which track the phones serial number and block them from reactivation.

If your issue isn”t total loss but rather data loss due to a broken, water or otherwise damaged phone, we can help. We offer data retrieval services. Pricing and availability vary so see stores for details.

In the end, losing a phone will never be a pleasant experience, but taking a few precautions could reduce the impact you will experience from it.

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