COVID-19 Policy

All Mobile Matters respects the health and safety of its customers and employees alike. This notice is intended to disclose our policy with regard to the COVID-19 Virus outbreak. The mobile device repair industry is considered an essential service and can, therefore, remain in operation during this crisis. At this time, we have elected to continue serving our customers who rely heavily on their devices to communicate with medical services and their loved ones. However, to help mitigate the spread of the virus, we have closed specified locations and reduced operating hours for others. Please see our website for hours of operation. We have also made the following operational changes to further protect our customers and employees as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control:


  1. All employees have been supplied with gloves and hand sanitizers and are encouraged to use them with every device repair.
  2. All common surface areas will be cleaned several times per day.
  3. All employees who feel ill will not be allowed to continue working.
  4. No more than 5 customers will be allowed into our stores at any given time.
  5. Employees will sanitize each device before and after repairs with supplied UV light emitters.


While most of our locations do remain open for walk-in service, we highly recommend taking advantage of the following resources.


  1. Schedule an appointment to reduce the time spent at our facility
  2. Consider our curbside pickup option. Just call ahead and we will meet you at a designated spot in our parking area.
  3. Take advantage of our On-Demand service which is currently offered at no additional cost.
  4. Take advantage of our Mail-in service which is currently offered at no additional cost.


Supporting a local business during this time is very important and we appreciate your efforts to do so. We will be updating this page as new details regarding the situation become available to us.

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