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Picture this: you finally have a day off from your grueling job and just want to spend the day playing the new video game you just bought. You get all your snacks ready, hunker down in your favorite chair, fire up the game console, and —

The console fails to work, the screen on your controller is cracked, or there’s a blue screen of death staring back at you.

Before you make things even worse by throwing the controller into the television, it might be best to double check that all components are plugged in or charged and that you’ve rebooted the systems. If these tests also fail, it’s time to consider your options.

Option 1: Buy a new game console.

This is what the manufacturers want you to do. As we know through the push for right to repair legislation, a lot of manufacturers in the technology industry have done everything they can to stop you from fixing your electronic devices, even after spending hundreds of your hard-earned cash on them. Oftentimes when it comes to game consoles, many manufactures refuse to fix an older game console, or the repairs cost more than the console itself, thus forcing you to buy the newest version. If you like your current system, look at your other repair options before forking over any more cash.

Option 2: Fix it yourself.

While this isn’t recommended as it could lead to a bevy of other issues, there are plenty of tutorials and instructions for fixing all types of issues on a variety of game consoles. This option, however, takes a lot of time, research, and patience. And, because several game consoles pair their motherboard to their disc readers, attempting to fix specific issues may lead to nothing more than heightened frustration.

Option 3: Bring your game console to All Mobile Matters.

The best option you have when your game console breaks or stops working is to bring it to a reputable repair store like All Mobile Matters. We offer affordable prices on a variety of systems, including the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch LITE, Wii U, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony, Playstation.

Whether it’s a scratched or broken display screen, a dead battery, a charging issue, broken optical drives, malfunctioning HDMI ports, or liquid damage, the fantastic team of technicians at All Mobile Matters will fully test all functions of your game console prior to any repairs. We strive to fully understand the issue before quoting a cost based on essential and recommended repairs.

Once the quote is approved, All Mobile Matters will have your issue repaired while you wait*.

Why do more damage to your game console or spend time and money you may not have when All Mobile Matters can get you back to your next gaming adventure in just a couple of hours?

Setup your appointment today.

*Though we have most parts in stock, specialty items may need to be ordered. Other issues such as a malfunctioning motherboard, may also take longer than our average repair time of an hour. We will let you know of these issues when quoting.

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