How Much Does a New Smartphone Really Cost?

“But I can buy a new one for $199!” is something we hear pretty often here at All Mobile Matters. While we strive to offer low cost repairs on all mobile devices, sometimes the cost of quality replacement parts can inflate the total cost of repair to the point that $199 isn’t much more than the repair cost.

We can’t blame our customers for thinking they can buy a new flagship phone for only $199. This misconception is entirely due to the convoluted pricing model put in place by wireless carriers to coax you into signing a new 2 year contract.

If wireless carriers really discounted new phones down to $199 in order to earn your business, that would indeed be a tremendous deal. But that $199 is just a down payment. The carrier then spreads the rest of the cost of the phone over two years in the form of an extra charge on your wireless bill. And some of them don’t lower your bill after you’ve paid the phone off. So you’re likely paying full retail price ($649+) whether you realize it or not.

By understanding the true cost of replacing your broken smartphone, it allows you to make a more informed decision on whether or not getting your phone repaired makes sense.

Here’s an excellent infographic that really illustrates our point and shows the true cost of a few of the major flagship smartphones:

How Much Does a New Phone Cost?

Source: [ Etech Parts ]

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