iPad Mini Review

ipadminiThe Apple iPad Mini is here! We got our hands on one and would like to share our initial thoughts.

The first thing you realize when holding it for the first time is its size. Duh?! Its considerably smaller and lighter than any previous version. Weighing roughly half of the original iPad at only .68 of a pound! It can easily fit in one hand which makes it easier to carry around. What also surprised us is that it fits in your pocket. For us, this makes it a device that can be used on a daily basis. We’ve used it now for about 3 days and the experience is as close to using your iPhone as you can get and still have a large viewing area. We can already see that the combination of portability and reduced price compared to iPad will make it a popular choice for the teen and young adult crowd. Here are a few notable pros and cons.


  • Sized right: Small enough to fit in a pocket and large enough to give you a great browsing experience
  • Price: Starts at just $329 making it much more attractive to a wider audience
  • Compatibility: Over 275K Apps available and counting
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 Hours
  • Camera: HD 1080P Video recording
  • Lightning connector: Easy to use and less likely to break either the charger itself or the port inside the device.
  • Connectivity: Available in Wifi only and LTE models (LTE Models coming soon)
  • Facetime:  Will work on Wifi and Cellular


  • Display: Smaller and Lower Resolution Display compared to iPad 3/4. (Although this is true, we didn’t really feel like the display was too bad for a device of its size)
  • Lightning connector: (Yes, we know we listed this feature on both sides. The lightning connector is very cleanly designed and it nice to be able to connect it either direction, but you will find yourself spending money on additional accessories.
  • Finish: It’s easy to scratch. (Yes, a smart cover is available but the body is still easily scratched. We strongly recommend a protection skin of some kind such as our Phantomskinz.
  • Limited availability: You may find it hard to score one @ launch date. (When will Apple solve this issue?)

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Overall Apple has a winner in iPad Mini. This device will undoubtedly find its niche customer. Will it be you?

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