New Lower Pricing on Galaxy S3 Screen Repair

Galaxy S3 Screen Repair PhoenixOne of the most frequent questions we get from our customers is “Can you fix my Galaxy S3 screen, and how much does it cost?” Many customers are shocked when they hear what many repair shops in the area are charging for this repair.

The high cost of repair on the Galaxy S3 is due to the construction of Samsung’s display assemblies, which include a layer of optical adhesive between the glass and the LCD. Until now, this made it very difficult for us to offer glass only repair without breaking the LCD screen in the process.  When we offered this repair we were forced to replace the glass AND the LCD, even though many of our customers LCDs didn’t technically need to be replaced.

We are now offering glass only repair for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and passing on the savings to you. Our repairs include a brand new layer of OCA (optically clear adhesive) between the glass and the LCD, just like they’re made in the factory.

Here is our new pricing list for glass only repairs for S3 and more:

Galaxy S3 Screen Repair  – $89 + tax
Galaxy S4 Screen Repair  – $119 + tax

Prices valid as of 3/26/2015


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