Previously Owned Smartphones Are the Perfect Gift for Your Child

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No matter how much you try to avoid it, eventually you are going to purchase your kids a cell phone of their very own. It may be a scary idea, but as they get older and start to break away from the nest to explore the world, it’s best they have this genuinely remarkable tool in the palm of their hand.

Why buy new when used does the exact same job?

We know. iPhones and other smartphones can cost as much as $1,599. However, when a parent buys their son or daughter their first car, they don’t normally buy the latest and greatest on the market. Most parents are frugal enough to purchase a nice used car for their kid’s first excursion behind the wheel. It doesn’t have to be new to look cool among their friends.

This same idea can be used for purchasing a cell phone. Why pay a thousand dollars for the latest iPhone when purchasing a nice, refurbished, previously used smartphone will do everything a new phone does but at a much more reasonable price?

All Mobile Matters has dozens of certified, previously owned smartphones for a fraction of the cost of a new phone.

Advantages of a Smartphone

Now we know you may still be hesitating, but if your son or daughter is mature enough for the responsibility of a phone, there are many reasons why it’s a good idea.


A lot can happen to a child as they seek more independence. Giving them a cell phone offers you peace of mind while providing them a little more freedom. It also gives both you and your child an easy way to get a hold of one another quickly should the unexpected happen.

Education and Learning

With a cell phone, information is now at your child’s fingertips. Whether doing research for a new project at school or learning responsibility, your child now has a wonderful device they know they need to take care of and can use for homework, research, tutorials, and other educational experiences.

Social and technical advantages

Whether engaging in entertainment, social media, or navigation, having a cell phone can lead your children into being more socially aware and give them the tools to stay current in an ever-changing, technologically advanced society. As with all aspects of life, there are pitfalls to having this much information and social interaction in the palm of your hand, but by making them aware of what dangers are present can help them avoid these issues while remaining relevant alongside their peers.

pre-owned iPhones smartphones at all mobile mattersIf your kids have been hounding you for a new phone over the past few months (or years), check out All Mobile Matters’ collection of refurbished and certified previosly owned smartphones. This way, you give them the joy of being able to call their friends, provide them a safety net when they need it, and help them learn a thing or two about responsibility without breaking the bank this Christmas.

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