Smartphone Insurance Options – What’s Best for Your Individual Needs?

smartphone insurance protection tempered glass

Your smartphone is an essential part of your daily life; protecting it from damage is a smart move. To make sure you’re getting the best protection, we’ve put together a quick reference guide to explore different smartphone insurance options.

Estimated costs are based on the Apple iPhone 12 with a specific emphasis on display replacement, assuming you encounter a broken display once a year.

1. Self-Insurance

Estimated Annual Cost: $189.00

Self-Insurance is often the quickest and most convenient way to pay for most repairs that can be completed within an hour. Set aside funds to cover repairs at a third-party device repair shop.

2. Wireless Carrier Insurance

Estimated Annual Cost: $233.00

Major carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T offer insurance through companies such as Asurion and Assurant. While these plans include accidental damage and loss coverage, they have higher monthly fees and deductibles and limit your choice of repair shops.

3. Independent Insurance Provider

Estimated Annual Cost: $89.00

Consider independent providers like AKKO, offering specialized coverage for display replacements at a reduced monthly cost. You can choose your preferred repair shop from a list of participating partner — like All Mobile Matters!

4. Upgrade to the Newest Device Every Year

Estimated Annual Cost: $400.00

Carriers make upgrading your phone every year extremely attractive. However, to receive the best upgrade or trade-in amount, you may be required to repair any broken device or possibly upgrade your monthly service plan. Do your due diligence and evaluate the costs and incentives associated with upgrading to the latest device.

5. Replace the Device Annually (Purchase New)

Estimated Annual Cost: $500.00

Purchase the latest model directly from Apple and offset the cost by selling your old device to resellers like All Mobile Matters.

6. Replace the Device Annually (Purchase Used)

Estimated Annual Cost: $250.00

Save money and keep your existing accessories by purchasing the same model from the used marketplace like All Mobile Matters. You can still offset the costs by selling your old device.

7. Use a Case and Tempered Glass

Estimated Annual Cost: $49.00

Protect your device from daily wear and tear by using a case and tempered glass. All Mobile Matters offers a discounted bundle for these accessories.

8. DIY Repair

Estimated Annual Cost: $99.00

If you have some experience, you may consider fixing your device yourself. If you do, be cautious about the quality of parts you purchase and the potential unrepairable damage you may cause if you’re not careful.

9. Local Repair Shop Protection Plan

Estimated Annual Cost: $118.00

The “Forever Drop Protection” plan at All Mobile Matters includes a case, tempered glass, and all future qualified repairs for a low deductible of just $49.00.

Don’t become one of the millions of Americans who spend hundreds to thousands of dollars repairing their smartphones every year. Protecting your device is essential and we are here to help you make an informed decision for the smartphone insurance method that fits your personal and individual needs. Call us today.

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