Top 5 Reasons to Protect Your Phone

protect your phone with device protection smartphone cases

Excited about that brand new iPhone or killer smartphone you just received? The phone itself is pretty much ready to use right out of the box, but you’re probably overlooking one very important thing – Protection.

What you likely didn’t receive alongside your phone is a duel-layered case to protect the expensive piece of hardware. Whether it’s your very first phone or your twentieth, purchasing a case could mean the difference between a long-lasting device and several hundred dollars in replacement and repair costs.

Here are five great reasons to get a case to protect your phone.

1. Keeps the back glass from scratching, cracking, and chipping

iPhones and other smartphones continue to get thinner and more dynamic as technology evolves. With the addition of glass backs that help streamline certain aspects and make your phone classier and lighter comes even more to protect. Not only do cracks, chips, and scratches on the back glass ruin the aesthetics, they can weaken the integrity of the phone and even cut your fingers while in use.

2. Helps Protect the Camera Lenses

We’re certain one thing you will not want to be without is your awesome new camera. Purchasing a case for your phone will add much needed protection for the lenses on the back of your phone that, without one, are very exposed and prone to breakage. Once the camera lens glass is broken, it’s only a matter of time before dust and debris finds its way onto the actual camera, causing an even more costly repair.

3. Offers Peace of Mind

As phone covers get even more advanced, you can rest assured that every piece of your phone, from the outside to the inside, will be protected. Shock-proof cases help minimize the damage that can occur when a phone is dropped and makes certain that should the unimaginable happen, your phone will always be working when you need it.

4. Easy and Inexpensive

Unlike repairing or replacing a phone, purchasing a rugged, duel-layered case is easy and inexpensive. Repairing a cracked back glass, a malfunctioning battery, or a camera lens can run hundreds of dollars, whereas a case will cost no more than $29.

5. Supercharge Your Protection with a Case and Tempered Glass Bundle

The best way to fully protect your device is to use both a duel-layered case and tempered glass. You can get both items bundled together for just $49.99, which also includes a lifetime replacement guarantee for the tempered glass.

All Mobile Matters always has plenty of cases for all styles of phones in stock. You may also want to check out our Forever Drop Protection, which not only gets you the stylized case and also tempered glass screen protector (with lifetime replacement guarantee), but accidental damage protection as well, all for just $69.99.

That’s well worth the peace of mind you’ll have knowing your phone is protected from whatever damage may be inflicted upon it.

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