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6 reasons to visit all mobile matters store phoenix tucson

Since we opened 14 years ago we’ve seen some wild reason why phones, tablets and computers have needed repairs, but here are the most common along with some easy tips to keep them from occurring.

Here are the top 6 repairs we see at our Phoenix and Tucson repair stores.

Number 6 – Liquid Damage

One of the most common misconceptions people have is that newer devices are “water-proof”. They are not. At best, they are water resistant. And their resistance wains over time as the seal ages. 

How to avoid: There’s no way to predict when you may be thrown into a pool. However, you can limit the possibility of this by keeping your device away from pools entirely. If your device does get wet, turn it off immediately and bring it to one of our stores for a thorough cleanup. 

Number 5 – Broken camera lens

Modern devices have as many as 4 cameras, each with their own camera lens cover. In most cases these cameras protrude out from the back of the phone making them especially vulnerable. And once a camera lens is cracked, not only may it affect the quality of your pictures, but eventually dirt and dust will find its way on to the actual camera lens and the camera will then need replacing.

How to avoid: There are 2 ways to protect your camera lens. One is a dual-layer case which has a lip tall enough to cover the lenses when played flat on a surface. The other is a tempered glass camera lens protector. We stock both items for most devices.

Number 4 – Broken Back Glass

Most modern devices use glass for the back of the device. This is to take advantage of the wireless charging feature. As an example, every iPhone since the iPhone 8 utilizes a glass back. While this feature is extremely useful, it also means there is one more thing to think about protecting. 

How to Avoid: Once again the least expensive way to protect the back glass is a dual layered case. In some cases, we also have tempered glass protection available for the back.

Number 3 – Charge port stops working

This comes in a couple of forms. Either the port stops working altogether, or it only charges when positioned just right. If the port charges intermittently, it’s likely we can clean the port without replacing it for just our $15 diagnostic fee. If the port stops charging altogether, it likely means it will need to be replaced. 

How to Avoid: The most common culprit of an intermittent charge port is buildup of pocket lint. A small amount gathers in the port and each time you insert the cable you’re inadvertently pack it in. Although the cleanup is fairly simple, we do not recommend trying to dig it out yourself. If you do so, it’s possible to permanently damage the port. Bring it for a quick cleaning and you’ll be good for another 6 months or more.  

Number 2 – Battery Failure

Batteries are intended to perform at their best for roughly 600 charges. For most people this means that every 2 years you should consider replacing the battery. When batteries start to age, not only will you find yourself charging the device multiple times per day, but you’ll also see the operating system slowing down considerably. A fresh battery can fix both of these issues. If you have an iPhone, it’s simple to diagnose this on your own. Simply navigate to settings, then battery and finally battery health. If yours shows less than 84%, we recommend replacing it.

How to Avoid: Try not to overcharge the battery. In other words, only charge it when it needs to be charged. You can also extend its life by keeping it out of extreme weather conditions like heat and cold as much as possible. And lastly, try to use only certified charging cables and blocks. Uncertified chargers can deliver the incorrect charging specification and make the battery age prematurely. 

Number 1 – Broken Screen

The most common repair needed to smartphones and tablets is the glass digitizer or LCD / OLED Display. 

How to avoid: Purchase a case and tempered glass screen protector. Investing less than $50 in our case and tempered glass bundle can save you hundreds of dollars in screen repair costs down the road.

In conclusion these tips will extend the life of your device exponentioally. The more you do to protect it by using a case and tempered glass the better. If you’re opposed to the bulk that a case and tempered glass adds to the device and prefer the feel and beauty of no protection, you’re not alone. Many of our customers feel this way. In this case you should strongly consider device insurance. We offer plans starting at just $5 per month. And of course, if any of these problems arise for you, schedule an appointment today at one of our Phoenix and Tucson area stores for a same-day repair. 

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