Why Tempered Glass Is Important For Protecting Your Camera Array

camera array tempered glass

If you take a lot of pictures or videos with your phone, losing any amount of quality could be detrimental to your personal or professional influence. Which is why protecting your camera lenses is essential.

Why is it important?

Advancement in technology over the past few years, such as the utilization of wide-angle, telephoto, and zoom capabilities, higher quality lighting and low-light exposures, advanced megapixel systems, and better image stabilization, has pushed phone cameras beyond even some smaller digital cameras on the market. It’s because of these major improvements that more people are choosing the convenience of their phones regardless of whether they are a hobbyist or a professional.

Along with these evolving improvements, most phone manufacturers have turned to using a diagonal camera array, which has forced the camera on your phone to become larger. At the same time, phones have conveniently become thinner. This combination has forced the protrusion of the lenses to increase with each new iteration.

Add all these elements together and the lenses on your camera become much more susceptible to dust, cracks, and scratches. Not only that, but should the integrity of the lenses become diminished, it could lead to even larger issues.

The best protection is tempered glass

As mentioned in our blog, Top 5 Reasons to Protect Your Phone, adding a durable duel-layered case can help protect your lenses by adding depth, making the lenses flush with the case. However, the larger lenses are still exposed, so if the phone is mishandled in any way, dust and scratches could still damage the lenses over time. And adding an inferior plastic or metal cage will protect it to a point but will also wear away a lot faster than glass.

To ensure the highest quality photos and video possible for as long as you own your phone, the best choice for protecting your camera array is adding high-quality tempered glass.

But isn’t the array already protected by a layer of sapphire?

On most new phones, the camera array module, which houses the individual camera lenses, is protected by a sapphire lens cover, making the array module relatively safe from scratches and dust. However, the lens cover can only take so much abuse when continually exposed to natural elements. And should the sapphire lens cover become scratched or damaged, dust or dirt particles can filter through to the lens array, at which point, it will become much more expensive to fix (as it becomes almost impossible to clean without harming the lens array) and will drastically lower any trade-in value the phone may have.

Adding an additional layer of tempered glass significantly decreases the likelihood of damage to the lens cover and is much easier and cheaper to replace should anything happen.

What’s my investment?

At just $14.99 ($10 if you purchase tempered glass for your front screen at the same time), All Mobile Matters can help protect your main investment and possibly save you hundreds of dollars in future repair and replacement costs. Contact your local store for more information.

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